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About Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep has created a unique range of products that allow you to listen to your personal music without having to wear headphones. Each of our products has a speaker built inside them that connects easily to your music device. The volume is controlled by your music player, so you can play your music as loudly or as quietly as you desire

For them to work, all Sound Asleep products need to be connected to a sound source, such as an MP3 player, radio or television; in fact anything with a 3.5mm jack. Our range of products allows you to listen to your personal music in bed, on the go or whilst relaxing on the couch.
As sleep experts, we recognise that sleep is a complicated business for many people and all of our Sound Asleep products have been created with sleep in mind. The comfort of our products – together with the sound emitted by the speaker – is a great remedy for insomniacs and also those who suffer from tinnitus.
Sound Asleep have engineered a range of products that put the fun back into learning. By playing audio books or teach-yourself language books, our range of products allow you to relax whilst you swot up on your language skills.